Travel to and from Stockholm

By Air

The main Stockholm Airport, Arlanda, serves both domestic and international flights and is located approximately 40 kms from the city of Stockholm.

The rail connection into the city, Arlanda Express, takes 20 minutes and costs SEK 260 single, SEK 490 return.

Airport buses take 40 minutes to Stockholm city and cost SEK 105 single, if you  plan to go straight to the conference please notice that the airport bus with final destination Liljeholmen stops at the Karolinska Institutet. If you will travel to your hotel the airport bus with final destination Cityterminalen might be more convenient, please see more information about the routes at the homepage of airport buses.
Taxis are also available at the airport. You are recommended to use one of the larger taxi companies such as Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 or Taxi Kurir. All these companies have a fixed price from the airport into central Stockholm and there is only a very slight difference in their prices. You are advised not to use other taxi companies or operators and if you do, ask the price in advance.

Various lowcost airlines (Ryan Air, Sterling etc) fly to Västerås (Stockholm West) and Skavsta (Stockholm South) airports. Both are approximately 100 kms from Stockholm and have direct bus links into the city taking 80 minutes and costing SEK 139 single fare.

By Sea:

Stockholm can be easily reached from Finland and the Baltic countries by large passenger and car ferries. These ships sail through the spectacular Stockholm Archipelago, with its 30 000 islands. The ships have excellent passenger facilities with good food, shopping and entertainment.

By Train:

Rail travel from the continent to Stockholm is quick and comfortable. Journey times have become shorter with the opening of the spectacular Öresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden. The Swedish network of comfortable highspeed trains provide comfortable, fast travel; e.g. about 4.5 hours between Malmö and Stockholm.

By Private Car/Coach:

Visitors from Denmark can use the Öresund toll bridge or the car ferry Helsingör/Helsingborg. There are car ferries to Gothenburg from Denmark (Fredrikshavn), England (Newcastle), Norway (Kristiansand) and Germany (Kiel). The fastest route from Germany is the Rostock/Trelleborg ferry. Parking in Stockholm is extremely limited. Public transport is advised in the city centre.

Travel within Stockholm

The conference fee includes transport at the end of the Thursday sessions to the conference dinner (it will not be time to go back to the hotels), and after the dinner to Stockholm central station.

Travel in and around Stockholm is simple and distances are short; the many public transport options are quick and reliable. The underground/metro system is extensive, quick and easy to understand. It is also known as the world’s longest art exhibition, as every station has been decorated by a well-known artist. Taxis are available on the streets or on order by phone. Beware of using unauthorized taxis!

The public transportation system is integrated so all tickets can be used on bus, Metro, local trains and even some boats with free transfer within the system for one ticket if used within 60 minutes.
24 hour tickets (SEK 115) or 72 hours tickets (SEK 230) are available from newspaper agents or can be bought at public transportation stations. Cash payment on the public transportation is not accepted.


(All prices in the above travel information are as of April 2014)


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