Sessions for the submitted abstracts


The conference language is English

Presentation formats

The sharing of knowledge, ideas and experiences in the field of interprofessional education is an important part of a NIPNET conference, and many interesting abstracts were submitted.
The three formats; oral presentations, poster presentations and workshops, will give possibilities to learn from each other and support further networking.

We kindly ask you to send us any power points in advance, please e-mail to Margaretha Forsberg Larm ( (or on September 20 the latest, for us to be able to prepare the computers.
If you have any specific requirements or any other questions regarding your presentation please contact us.

After the conference our intention is that the homepage will serve as an archive, thus it will be possible to share your presentations/posters on the homepage in an “electronic gallery”. If you would like to do that please contact us and send your files (PDF-format) to

Oral presentations (15 minutes)

There will be three parallel sessions.

Three presentations will be presented in one 60 min. session alternatively four presentations in one 75 min. session. Each presentation is given a 15 minute slot and additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion.


Poster sessions

The conference posters will be presented in a structured format and the participants will have the possibility to look at them both on Thursday and Friday.

At least one author should be able to attend the poster during the sessions in order to present the poster and highlight the key details and discuss the work with other conference delegates.

Each conference poster will be allotted a 1.40 tall x 1.00 wide meters space.

Please bring your poster to the registration on Thursday October 2nd, open from 10 am.


Workshops (approx. 75 min)

A workshop offers an opportunity for hands-on work on a specific topic/question and includes a brief introduction by the presenter(s), and the central part of the session is the structured interaction between participants and with the presenter(s).

As presenters you are asked to prepare an introduction (approximately 10 minutes) presentation where after you present the outline for the discussion/interaction, and finally lead the concluding part. We hope that you will be able to sum up a conclusion from the workshop that can be presented on the conference homepage afterwards.

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