IPE research presenters

The IPE research session includes 3 presentations by Uffe Hylin, Hanna Lachmann and Birgitte Nørgaard as presented below with some selected references.

Uffe Hylin

Bild Uffe hylin 2014

Uffe Hylin is a senior consultant in orthopedic surgery and senor lecturer/associate professor in medical education, especially interprofessional education. He has been working at an interprofessional training ward for more than ten years. His thesis describes the implementation, development and evaluation of the interprofessional training wards in Stockholm.

Titel for the NIPNET presentation; Learning with each other – the team challenge


PhD Thesis:
Hylin, Uffe: Interprofessional Education, Aspects on learning together on an interprofessional training ward. 2010, Karolinska Institutet


  • Lauffs M, Ponzer S, Saboonchi F, Lonka K, Hylin U, Mattiasson A-C: Cross-cultural
    adaptation of the Swedish version of Readiness for Interprofessional Learning Scale
    (RIPLS). Medical Education 2008; 42: 405-411.
  • Olivecrona C, Kärrlander S, Hylin U, Törnkvist H, Jonsson C, Svensén C: Klinisk
    Utbildning på Operation – studentledda operationer som exempel på Interprofessionellt
    Lärande. Läkartidningen 2009; 107: 113-115. (Text in swedish)


Hanna Lachmann

Hanna Lachmann

Hanna work as a clinical senior lecturer at Sophiahemmet University College. The starting point of her research was to introduce and adapt the Contextual Activity Sampling System (CASS) methodology for clinical educational use and to contribute to a broader understanding of how students experience interprofessional learning activities. There is a need for more detailed understanding about how learning occurs continuously in specific contexts, and especially during interprofessional educational activities. This is important for enable support during clinical practice concerning several aspects of the education that must be taken into consideration.

Titel for the NIPNET presentation; Promoting reflection by using contextual activity sampling


PhD Thesis:

Lachmann, Hanna. Contextual activity sampling: a method to develop clinical interprofessional education. Karolinska Institutet 2013.




Birgitte Nørgaard


Birgitte is a RN, MSc and PhD in Public Health. Her research is focused on communication in health care, interprofessional education and inter-professional team-work. Birgitte is consultant at University of Southern Denmark, doing research in public health and teaching master and PhD students.

Titel for the NIPNET presentation; The effect of interprofessional team training on relational coordination


PhD Thesis:

Nørgaard B. Communication with patients and colleagues. An intervention study on the impact of a communication skills training course on health care professionals’ ability to communicate with patients and colleagues. Dan Med Bull 2011;58(12):B4359.


  • Nørgaard B, Draborg E, Vestergaard E, Odgaard E, Jensen DC, Sørensen J. Interprofessional clinical training improves health students’ self-efficacy. Medical Teacher (Online).
    Doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2012.746452.  1/2013.
  • Jensen DC, Nørgaard B, Draborg E, Vestergaard E, Sørensen J. Organizational development of interprofessional education – a Danish case study. Journal of Interprofessional Care. J Interprof Care. 2012 Aug 17.
  • Nørgaard B, Ammentorp J, Kyvik KO, Kofoed PE. Training improves inter-collegial communication. The Clinical Teacher 2012; 9: 173-177





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